What is habitat

Refereeing the the GitHab repository for Habitat ( )

Habitat is a Sitecore solution example built on a modular architecture. The architecture and methodology focuses on:

  • Simplicity – A consistent and discoverable architecture
  • Flexibility – Change and add quickly and without worry
  • Extensibility – Simply add new features without steep learning curve

Habitat Makes implementation of new functionality in Sitecore much more easier and is also good practice for enterprise solution and developing your Sitecore solution with the proper Sitecore Helix guidelines.

There is a lot of documentation how to setup the Habitat project on your sitecore instance written on net, however the installation can be a little bit tricky and you could easily waste a lot of time. Once it is setup correctly it works as charm.

I will try to write some tutorial on how to install habitat ( adapt the already existing one, withe detailed explanation for the tricky parts ).

Meanwhile , you can find a lot of information on the provided videos and links below.

For more information about the architecture and the principles and conventions behind it, please see the Sitecore Helix guidelines

Video introductions:

  1. Architecture Introduction: Video
  2. Introduction to Modules: Video
  3. Introduction to Layers: Video


Also very good documentation on the Sitecore Helix guidelines.

And here is example of the how page should look like when you install Habitat  over your Sitecore instance.