What is Sitecore


Sitecore is a customer experience management company that provides web content management and multi-channel marketing automation software.

Based on the .Net framework Sitecore platform is one of the most widely  used  enterprise  content management solution.

I have found one very good article that explains the core values of the Sitecore platform, here are some links and quotes about Sitecore :

Sitecore is an ASP.Net-based WCM web application technology which houses everything your marketing team needs to store, manage, analyze, and update your website content in a single unified solution. After the initial development of your website using ASP.NET MVC the management ownership is placed in the hands of your marketing team instead of IT to create content, forms, and articles and measure the value of the content throughout its life cycle.

There are many notable WCM Features in Sitecore which we’ll dive into deeper on future articles:

  • Dynamic Personalization and Experience Editing
  • Mobile Device Experience Optimization
  • Social Media Engagement and Integration
  • Regionalization and Localization
  • E-Commerce Services
  • Easy browser-based content authoring and editing

A unified platform and strategy is needed by nearly every business to find, funnel, and convert prospects into life-long customers. Sitecore provides the tool set your marketing team needs to efficiently engage customers no matter the channel. We have only looked at a few features of Sitecore so far, but we will cover the many other capabilities like the Digital Marketing System (DMS), email campaign management, CRM integration, and more in future articles.

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